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Right now, the Utah legislature is considering an important bill, SB 31, sponsored by Senator Curtis Bramble and Rep. James Dunnigan, which would protect access to faith-based health care for more than 10,000 Utah members of Health Care Sharing Ministries (HCSMs). Specifically the bill would clarify that ministries are not insurance for purposes of Utah law.

The bill needed to be amended to remove some unconstitutional/unworkable requirements, but this important amendment was indeed adopted in the House Committee and the amended bill is on its way to the House floor and then the Senate will need to re-pass the amended bill.
Many Utah legislators helped ensure the amendment was adopted, and deserve to hear warm thanks from their constituents and encouragement to keep the momentum going to final floor passage of the amended bill. Please do send your thanks to House leadership and the Committee on Business and Labor for their support of the Burton/Weiler amendment.


Please contact your Utah House Representative and Senator and urge them to co-sponsor and support final passage of the amended SB 31 and communicate the following key points by phone or email:
  • SB 31 as amended clarifies that HCSMs are not insurance, and therefore not subject to the insurance code or associated regulations. It is similar to the state code of at least 30 other states that have adopted similar safe harbors for HCSMs.
  • The bill preserves HCSMs as a viable choice for Utahns who are seeking a health care solution that is consistent with their religious beliefs
  • The bill clarifies for consumers that HCSMs are not insurance and helps distinguish HCSMs from other organizations in the marketplace.
  • The bill preserves already-existing enforcement authority of the Attorney General to go after bad actors.
  • Tell your own story with your HCSM (if you’re a member), or why you think it’s important for this health care option to be available to people of faith in Utah. 

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